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"Striving For A Healthier Me"

Sleeve Sisters is designed to provide services for women who are considering making a lifestyle change by having the Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery. We offer support services through social media networking, Live Video Sessions and personal gatherings.

Our Philosophy

To globally develop empowered collaborations and idea sharing so that women may endeavor to exceed their own expectations.

Helping one Sleeve Sister at a time...

“To formulate and encourage empowered women who are committed with a passion to thrive for a healthier lifestyle.”


Lou's Legacy

  1. Lou’s Legacy

    $5,690 Raised / $100,000 Goal
    On behalf of Hirshburg Cancer Research Center, we are asking for your help in hopes that an eventual care will be found that could possibly prevent future deaths from this disease...

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Upcoming Event & Programs

  1. Blu’ Royale

    $1,400 Raised / $10,000 Goal
    Sleeve Sisters is hosting their 4th Annual Gala in the heart of Hayward, Ca to raise money for cancer awareness and research. Our goal is to raise 100k to help benefit individuals who are stricken with this horrific disease. Sleeve Sisters has joined forces with Hirshberg Pancreatic Cancer Research Center to help make a difference and with your presence, we can create hope and an opportunity to save one life at a time.

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  2. Gorgeous Black Women

    $0 Raised / $20,000 Goal
    Our newest program enhances the dignity and quality of life of with a special consideration for Black women, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping those in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work and self reliance.

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  3. Caring4OurPeople

    $0 Raised / $10,000 Goal
    Dedicated to helping communities thrive with the help of fellow advocacy groups, sponsors, grants and other programs.

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